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Chronic Pain Testimonials in Temecula, CA

Doctor Richard A. Weiner is Triple Board Certified Pain Management Physician. Dr. Weiner is recognized as one of the premier pain management physicians in the community. He is the one doctor that other doctors refer their family members to. He is noted for his commitment in caring, being compassionate and providing old-fashioned personal care for his patients. He is on staff at all the local hospitals.

I am now pain free and would highly recommend Innovative Pain Treatment Solutions to anyone in Southern California.

Dice P.
Temecula, CA
I had the MILD Procedure done yesterday morning by Dr Weiner in the Surgery Center. I just wanted to let Dr. Weiner know that he, along with his staff, did an outstanding job. I cannot say enough about the way I was treated by everyone involved, and would not hesitate to have any type of surgery performed by your Surgery Center. The Doctor indicated that it would feel like I got kicked in the back by a horse for about a week, but instead it feels like I had a good massage in the back. I have absolutely no after effects from the procedure at all and have not had to take any type of pain medication. The pain in my back has improved just a little so far, but from what I understand it's too early to tell the full extent of the relief I will get.

Thank you,
Steve Lindersmith
I have had six back surgeries since 1999 resulting with a fused lumbar from L2 to S1. Despite all the surgeries being “successful”, L5 - S1 eventually failed and in addition to repeated tissue trauma, I have suffered each and every day with chronic back pain along with mind-numbing narcotic drug use. I was convinced another surgery was eminent as my condition worsened over the past several years. Anticipating more surgery, I consulted with several back surgeons who all agreed additional surgery would not yield any desperately needed pain relief. Pain management was my only option. Asking for recommendations, being new to the area, Dr. Richard Weiner was the only pain specialist mentioned consistently in my search for a competent doctor in this discipline.

My experience with Dr. Weiner has been more than extraordinary. He is unlike any other physician I have ever met in the past. He has mastered every aspect one could imagine in administering the healing arts. I describe his technique in this fashion, because to me, he is somewhat an artist that has reached the pinnacle of perfection with his ability, talent, skills and demeanor in the medical profession. Dr. Weiner will take a personal interest in your situation, that will include all aspects of your medical needs. You are treated as an individual that is special to him. Not just the “one of the maximum number of patients most doctors push through their office” on a daily basis. When Dr. Weiner is with you in his office, it is just you and him with no outside pressures or influence. He takes precious time and cares for both your physical and psychological well being, nurturing the reason you’re seeing him and your state of mind. Most importantly, he listens to you when you speak. Another skill he possess, which is long lost with most other doctors, is that he will respond specifically to your concerns, answer your questions and usually goes beyond the obvious by adding a short story or joke to bringing both your understandings of your question to full circle. No matter how dismal you may feel, you will always leave his office feeling so much better than when you arrived.

To me, Dr. Weiner is my doctor, my friend, my confidant and most of all, my Healer. He is truly the ultimate role model in his profession.

Richard N. Hornack
Dr Weiner is quite possibly the smartest man I have had the privilege of knowing. He is very good at what he does. He provided pain treatment for me and I have been grateful. He is Harvard trained.

John W.
Temecula, CA
Dr. Weiner has been my light at the end of my tunnel! For the past few years I haven’t been feeling well, “something was off”. I had seen several doctors with no hope or results. I was referred to Dr. Weiner by a dear friend. Dr. Weiner diagnosed me with hormonal imbalance!!! He suggested I see an endocrinologist who specializes in female hormonal imbalance. Thank you Dr Weiner for all of your knowledge!

After seeing 1 general practitioner, 3 psychiatrists and 2 gynecologists, I am now on the right path to living a pain free life!

I give Dr Weiner and staff 5 stars.

Ms. Price
To whom it may concern:

My name is Jerry Bargewell. I have been under the care of Doctor Richard Weiner for about four years. Prior to that time, my life consisted of pain and misery.

To say that Doctor Weiner is a pain management specialist is an understatement. He has totally changed my life. He has not only made it tolerable, but comfortable.

He has blessed me with two implants to manage and control pain. The first implant was a Medtronic pain control electronic stimulator. The second implant was a Medtronic drug infusion system.

Since the placements of my implants, plus my monthly office visits, I no longer cry from intolerable pain and periodic depression.

Doctor Weiner and his staff are my Heroes! I authorize the use of this letter on their web site, hoping that it may help and encourage others. You don't have to live with pain.

Gerald Bargewell
Kathy and Neal Freeman
Dr. Weiner, Dr. J., Dr Olito and the one and only Brian Sharp, as well as the entire office crew, thank you all so much! After seeing seven different so called doctors, I found Dr. Weiner. My first impression of the doctor was one of a very down to earth, smart, no BS, personable and finally a doctor that really listened to what I had to say about how I felt. No promises, just common sense, vast knowledge and compassion.

Dr. Weiner, Dr. J and Brian are special to me and I have the highest respect for them as Doctors and people and would recommend them with complete faith in the entire team! Their treatment of my problems and pain have helped me a great deal after three years of going to other M.D. idiots. Dr. Weiner has given me relief to have a more normal life with a lot less pain, which gives me a better physical and mental every day life.

The recent car accident I was involved in made my pain so much worse, as well as the new problems I have from the wreck. Dr. Weiner looked at all of my problems. He and the staff explained all steps of treatment and always had time to answer questions that I had. They are all very good at what they do and was treated very well!!

Thanks so much Dr. Weiner and give my best to all there. Thanks for putting up with me.

With respect and thanks,
Joe Baroncini